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Social and hUman ceNtered XR (SUN) project

Social and hUman ceNtered XR (SUN) project

Social and hUman ceNtered XR (SUN) project

The project is addressing the following limitations:

  • Lack of solutions to develop scalable and cost-effective new XR applications;

  • Lack of convincing solutions for mixing of the virtual and physical environment;

  • Lack of plausible and convincing human interaction interfaces in XR;

  • Barriers due to resource limitations of end-user devices;


To surpass current limitations in the above the project developing solution including:

  1. Development of scalable solutions to obtain plausible and convincing virtual copies of physical objects and environments;

  2. Development of solutions for a seamless and convincing interaction between the physical and the virtual world;

  3. Development of wearable sensors and haptic interfaces for convincing and natural interaction with the virtual environment;

  4. Development of artificial intelligence-based solutions to address current computing, memory, and network limitations of wearable devices;

Three real-life scenarios have been selected to demonstrate the potential of the projects results:

  1. XR for rehabilitation after accidents or diseases.

  2. XR in the industry to increase safety and improve social interaction among workers.

  3. XR to remove interaction barriers for persons with disabilities.


The project is officially starting on the 1st of December 2022, and it will be completed in 3 years. 


  The project is funded under HORIZON EUROPE, Call HORIZON-CL4-2022-HUMAN-01,
  Topic: HORIZON-CL4-2022-HUMAN-01-14, contract no 101092612